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Phil & Holly

   I met my wife Holly at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala 20 years ago. I was traveling with my dog Boomer, and Holly was living in Guatemala city teaching at a prestigious private school. I was instantly smitten with this Canadian beauty, so I applied to work at the same school as her. After two years working together in Guatemala, we decided to move to Washington state to be closer to our families, and start a family of our own (our amazing kids Corinne and Caleb).


   We loved our lives, jobs, friends, and local church in Washington, but after 10+ years, we felt God was calling us into something different. Holly and I have always shared a love for the Latin American people groups, and our detailed story of how God chose Guatemala for us is over on our Blog page.

   Since moving here and founding Least of These Guatemala, we added a new member to the family! Pedro was officially adopted in 2018. 

   Holly and I are continually amazed and blessed to be a small part of what God is doing here in Guatemala. We are humbled by all of the support we receive from friends, family, and brothers and sisters in Christ who share our passion to help "The Least of These."



   I was born in Patzún, a small town of Guatemala. We have six members in my family, my parents and four sisters. I am a social worker, and this is my passion because I believe that I’ve been entrusted with abilities and opportunities to contribute in ways that bring meaning to others. I value relationships, because I know that I am called to love and serve others.       

   There are many people in my community who need help, with poverty being one of the biggest reasons. My dream to do is work with them and make them have a better life, and share the gospel with them. I know that God can use my experiences to help others, that’s why I am so blissful to be part of Least of These Guatemala, because through this ministry God can work and make amazing things happen.



   I am pastor of the Salem church of the Panibaj Alto community of Patzún Chimaltenango Guatemala. I have a small family; my wife Gloria, my eldest son Abisai, my beautiful daughter Tamar, and the youngest of the house is Abdiel. We try to be a happy family with the help of God.

   My dream is to be a good and useful instrument in the hands of God. To preach His Word and help my community in the spiritual areas. I also strive to be a good servant to Least of These who unconditionally supports our community. Together, with the help of God, we will continue to move forward.

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